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Service Commitments

1、Customer Focus

Jinchen’s service workers have been always thinking for customers, timely solve any problems in equipment and understand that time is money. Jinchen develops a complete after-sale service network and equips it with sufficient after-sale service resources depending on its agencies and offices throughout China. Now, it owns a team of more than 100 service engineers, hotlines and EPR information management system, and its development, production, sales and other departments give priority to satisfying service requirements, so as to ensure the realization of service.

2、Overall Valuable Service

Users can enjoy Jinchen’s services anywhere at any time. For customers, Jinchen provides training, technical consulting, visit and key engineering services, etc. Thus, customers feel that the purchase of a product or service from Jinchen is accompanied by a whole package of perfect services.

3、All-round、Active and Timely

Services are provided in an all-round, timely and expedient way to win time and create benefits for users. Service requirements provide the perfect interpretation of Jinchen’s service spirit and target.

Service Concept

1、Service ≠ After-sales Service ≠ Maintenance

In Jinchen,service is more than maintenance,it is both the last link of the sales and the first link of products research and development,it throughout the overall enterprise business activities of products R&D、design、manufacture and pre-sales、sales and after-sales.

Service is the process of find out the user’s demands and meet it quickly.
Service is to value-added by create the user moved.


To assist establishment and spread of Jinchen Machine Brand by create the service culter and concept system that accommodate to Jinchen culture.
To build a well-qualified service & management team of skillful、responsible、passionate about entrepreneurialism by internal sources integrated,settle a good basis of Jinchen after-sales service model.


To create and improve the harmonious service ability by utilize all available resources.
Resources in place、information unimpeded、run orderly、guarantee the result.

Partner and Customer