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Automatic Framing and Locking Machine

Frames of solar cell module are the “skeleton” to support and fix modules and also important parts for module. The key to frame combining and corner locking technology is frame combining and corner riveting. Framing and locking machine embeds cell module into the sealing slot of aluminum alloy frames to make different dimensions of standard module. So far, module encapsulation is performed in three processes, namely, silicon sealing, rubber strip sealing and hot melt adhesive (or styrofoam) sealing. No matter which process is employed, four corners of framed module must be closed tightly and neatly, the upper and lower surfaces of profile must be flat and smooth, rivets must be distributed evenly and depressed deeply, and corner pieces must be connected securely. When module glass is in the sealing slot of profile, it should have good mechanical performance and make module capable to withstand natural hazards for 25 years. To satisfy the requirements of module encapsulation process, corresponding equipment must be provided. Our company’s self-developed automatic framing and locking machine with independent IPR is special equipment integrating mechanical, electronic, hydraulic, pneumatic and other key technologies.

NC Framing Machine

SKZ-2000 series NC framing machine (i.e. NC automatic framing and locking machine of upper corner locking type) is the first type of machine at home and abroad and has independent IPR. This machine is mainly used to combine frames and lock corners of solar cell panel. It can organize lines according to module encapsulation process, so as to realize the accurate conveyance of module and align module automatically after putting it in place. Frame combining employs ball screws driven by servo motor. Corner locking employs special oil cylinder driven by hydraulic system, and cutter is driven to rivet corners. Frame combining and corner locking mechanisms move along linear rails. Thus, the whole machine is featured by high manufacturing precision, compact structure, reasonable construction, stable operation, accurate module positioning, convenient operation and high degree of automation, etc.

Module Framing Machine

Framing machine is a kind of key equipment in the encapsulation process of solar cell module. Its quality plays a crucial role in the service life of module. In recent years, the continuous development of solar cell module encapsulation technology brings novel framing machine, whose unique construction keeps creating new “records” of framing machine. The technology provides safe, reliable and efficient supporting equipments for the encapsulation process of solar cell module. Through our research and practice of module encapsulation process for a long time, we innovatively design a typical construction of framing machine with independent IPR, and provide a successful solution for selection and application of encapsulation equipment.

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