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Optical inspection and automatic identification system developed by Juneng Image, a subsidiary to Jinchen, realizes the seamless connection to automatic production line based on its modularized design. It can perform automatic barcode identification and automatic photographing. The efficiency of PV module EL testing in parallel is 28s/piece. It can automatically identify such defects as crack, broken piece, poor soldering and open grid, etc. The average identification rate is >95% and the average accurateness rate is>97%, which are the leading level in the world.


I. High-resolution Camera Imaging Mode
1. 6.3 megapixels;-"澳门永利娱乐场抢红包
2. 8.1 megapixels;-永利国际娱乐网站-【】
3. 16 megapixels;
4. 21 megapixels; 

II. Intelligent Defect Identification and Classification System
1. Crack  2. Broken  3. Black Core  4. Contamination  5. Poor Soldering 

III. Powerful Software Management
1. Automatic barcode identification and automatic photographing;
2. Extended MES port and database management



Core Competitiveness

I. Independent algorithm processing system and complete image processing
 expert team
II. System capable of high-speed processing
III. Special algorithm processing for different cases and higher accuracy and
 identification rate than regular camera
IV. PC support for multiple cameras to reduce the integration cost of mass