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 1. Structure:-【永远网址】
  This equipment consists of feeding mechanism, photoelectric position detection mechanism and rollover
  mechanism, etc.

 2. Performance and Feature:
  This equipment is applicable to automatic feeding, rollover and positioning of glass. By connecting and
  operating with different process equipments, it can perform automatic feeding of glass and other functions.
 3. Advantage:
  This equipment is featured by coherent structure, reasonable construction, convenient operation, safe and
  reliable operation and high degree of automation, etc., so as to considerably reduce labor cost.

4. Safety:

 This equipment allows adjusting parameters by artificial intelligence touch screen and has the functions of protection against power failure, air supply
disconnection and low voltage, etc.


Main Technical Parameters:
1. Dimensional Range of Glass: 800×500 1,600×1,000 1,800×1,200 2,500×1,500
2. Thickness: 3mm≦range≦15mm, normally 6—12mm
3. Weight: ≦200kg 
4. External Dimension of Glass Rollover and Feeding Machine (L×W×H): 3,500×3,800×(overall height 3,500 frame height 2,400)
5. External Dimension of Glass Horizontal Rotation Machine (L×W×H): 4,000×3,800×(overall height 2,800 frame height 2,000)
6. Gross Weight: About 2.5T.
7. Work Cycle Time: The maximum moving speed of manipulator is 12s/piece. For 800x500 glass, long edge is grinded at the speed of 89mm/s and short edge is
 grinded at the speed of 56mm/s. For 2,500×1,500 glass, long edge is grinded at the maximum speed of 278mm/s and short edge is grinded at the maximum
 speed of 167mm/s.



 Feeding Mechanism
 1. Main Function: Grab glass one by one and roll them to horizontal position.
 2. Working Principle:
 Synchronous belt is driven by motor to move the Z shaft of sucker vertically and its X and Y shafts horizontally.
 Among them, Y shaft is mainly employed to adjust the clearance to different glasses and guarantee the accuracy
 of glass feeding position. Sucker is used to grab and roll glass under the drive of cylinder.



 Holding Device
This equipment is provided with two suckers A and B for operation
 according to different sizes of glass. Sucker B grabs (1,830:1,120)
 ≥glass≥(800:500) while sucker A grabs (2,500:1,500)≥glass≥
 (1,830:1,120). Sucker B is driven by cylinder up and down to prevent
 sucker A from touching and scratching glass edge when sucker B
 grabs glass.