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Brand Commitment

Quality standard must be abided by like a law and quality-related work must receive attention from every employee. Employees at higher level and more important posts must have more insightful understanding of quality standard. To be better, our employees at all levels should constantly improve our products and services, improve and reflect on own understanding of quality-related work, and always put quality first;
Our corporate cohesion is developed under the joint effects of development strategy, values, management procedure, work standard, evaluation system and social environment;
Our core competitiveness is always advanced products and technologies;
Talent cultivation is a key element to core competitiveness; management is intended to make every employee the drive to company.

Value Focus

We intend to create mainstream products and technologies that maximize the value for target customers according to the criteria of advancement, practicality, reliability, stability and high cost efficiency. We will unremittingly focus on the research and development of new technologies and new processes that can have significant impacts on the industry we are engaged in, which is also the value of our existence.
By spreading the pressure of market competition and having self-improvement, we keep internal structure active all the time, and maintain the strong awareness of competition and crisis. Through competitions, we can learn from rivals and always achieve a closed loop of activities, including preparation, planning, implementation, improvement, summarization and application, superior to our rivals.

Social Responsibility

By means of intelligent automation technologies and products, we help liberate people from labor work, improve work efficiency, create better working environment, and dedicate to green, energy-conserving and sustainable development. We will become the respected automation company with proprietary and advantageous core technologies in the industry and make significant contributions to the sustainable development of economy and society as well as the great resurrection of the country;
Develop Business, Contribute to Society and Benefit Employees;
Make Innovations for Happy Life; Work Hard for a Better Life.